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S T R E T C H   C E I L I N G   T H A I L A N D             STCeiling®
Basement Ceilings

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  Stretch Ceilings are suitable for use within basements of homes as its extremely light weight, highly durable, allows easy access to water and electrical systems above and only requires 1” of ceiling clearance for installation. 

  Stretch Ceiling material is designed to be as maintenance free as possible, the fabrics smooth characteristics provides a hygienic surface whilst also benefiting from a non decorative requirement as the fabric will not crack or flake over time. 

  The Stretch Ceiling material does not require any set cleaning regimes and will never require any ongoing decoration intervals. The material is also water impermeable should cleaning be required. The fabric will act as a containment ceiling in the event of a water leak making the membrane ideal for use in basements, protecting any precious property from water damage.


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