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Clean Room Ceilings

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    Stretch Ceiling is extremely beneficial in clean room ceiling applications as it has a smooth flawless washable surface, available in white anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treated finish, completely impermeable to air and is class A fire rated.

    This is a rapid and cost effective answer to all your clean room ceiling requirements. The characteristics of the stretch ceiling effectively save and protect the sensitive areas from various forms of contamination.

    Range of useful clean room ceiling applications is broad; stretch ceiling can be used throughout hospitals and medical offices, restaurant kitchens, food prep areas, bathrooms, laboratories as well as computer and server rooms.

    Microbiological trial – 14 days – chlorinated solution wipe after 7 days – inoculated bacterium E.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Yeast, Mold – none detected.

   Installation process is fast with no typical mess or dust, interior furniture would not require to be removed during the installation and the area can be reoccupied immediately after installation bringing disruption to a minimum. 

   Please note that we strongly recommend contacting fire marshal for your county to confirm that stretch ceiling will be acceptable for your clean room application. Even though our stretch ceilings meet general guidelines for clean room ceilings some counties may have additional guidelines or certification requirements.


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