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S T R E T C H   C E I L I N G   T H A I L A N D             STCeiling®
Restaurant Ceilings

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      The Stretch Ceiling system offers great potential when used in restaurant and bar installations.

      The Stretch Ceiling material is flawless, anti static, hygienic, non-toxic and has no texture, which makes it very difficult for cigarette smoke and dirt to adhere to the material, these qualities make the material as maintenance free as possible. Stretch is installed as a finished product therefore it is important to note that no further decoration would be required. Once installed Stretch is designed to be a long life product.

      The acoustics within bars and restaurants are generally very poor; therefore Stretch Ceiling boasts extraordinary qualities as an acoustic material where reverberation times can be greatly reduced. The acoustics of a bar or restaurant area can be tuned using the Stretch Ceiling Acoustic System (see acoustic solution page). 

     Stretch Ceiling can be used for complete ceiling installations, feature panels or floating frames. The vast range of colors, finishes and the variety of different profiles will allow you to create varies shapes and designs. Any service can be installed in a Stretch Ceiling including fire and emergency equipment, down lighters, vents or air conditioning units. This enables you to treat a Stretch Ceiling the same way as you would any other ceiling but with all the added benefits of complete access in the future.


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