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S T R E T C H   C E I L I N G   T H A I L A N D             STCeiling®
Suspended Ceiling Tiles

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   Can you imagine the grid ceiling with a range of vivid rainbow colors indoors or glossy reflection that virtually dissolves your the ceiling?

   The Euro Ceiling Tiles are designed to be installed in to standard 15/16” suspended 2’x2’ ceiling grid. The tiles consist of square 2’x2’ aluminum frame and a membrane of your choice ultrasonically welded across the surface. 

   The tiles available in matte, satin, metallic, glossy and translucent finishes; there are over 100 colors to choose from. Glossy ceiling tiles are highly popular in commercial settings with low ceiling clearance where glossy reflection creates an illusion of lifted ceiling. Translucent ceiling tiles are popular for applications where entire ceiling needs to be backlit with hidden lighting source. Additionally we offer digital printing; if you have certain image, company logo, slogan or advertisement that you’d like to print on the ceiling tile we can have it done with any of our matte or satin finishes and translucent finishes for backlit designs.


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