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S T R E T C H   C E I L I N G   T H A I L A N D             STCeiling®
Showroom Ceilings

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     Matt & Satin finishes can be used advantageously when matched with suitable up-lighters, as their flawless finish offers up to approximately 81% light reflection.

     Stretch Ceilings boasts extraordinary qualities as an acoustic tool and can be a welcoming material to use within areas which often have a very limited potential for acoustic treatment. Reverberation times can be noticeably reduced and the acoustics can often be tuned to the client’s requirements.

     Artificially lit atmospheres within areas hosting vehicles will commonly be created to avoid UV damage and to assist with controlling the light or environ, the use of daylight fluorescents or cold cathode interfaced with dimmable systems will be specified. The Translucent material however, enables the user to transmit 75% of light, whilst providing an extremely welcoming diffused light, encouraging a more evenly illuminated space without introducing natural daylight into areas which may contaminate fragile artifacts and introduce unwanted glare or shadows.

    The Stretch Ceiling material does not require any set cleaning regimes and will never require any ongoing decoration intervals. The fabric will act as a containment ceiling in the event of a water leak making the membrane ideal for use in Auto Dealership Showrooms protecting any vehicles and property from water damage.

   The ceiling sheet can be easily de-mounted or unclipped from the perimeter tracking, for inspection to the soffit above or lamp change. This can be carried out by our specialist operatives or trained and approved maintenance staff on site. The sheet can then be quickly and cleanly re-installed with the sheet returning to its original state.


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