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S T R E T C H   C E I L I N G   T H A I L A N D             STCeiling®
Swimming Pool Ceilings

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      Stretch Ceiling is ideally suited to the pool, spa, hydrotherapy and other wet/humid areas. The track and sheet are resistant to the corrosive elements within a pool environment. Stretch ceilings are regularly installed in local authority, private health and leisure clubs, spas and in residential pools. 

     The Stretch Ceiling system is ideally suited to pool environments as the material is unaffected by moisture, chlorine, sulphur and other corrosive atmospheres. The material will provide a noticeable improvement in the acoustics within the pool hall and is a welcomed addition to what are usually hard surfaces. The material does not require any decoration or maintenance and is guaranteed for 10 years. 

      Stretch Ceilings offer increased light reflection, improved acoustics, decorative finishes and maintenance free, water impermeable ceiling that will not require any ongoing maintenance. The material will not crack or flake and is clean, hygienic, non toxic and 100% recyclable.

      The Stretch Ceilings are able to cover up to 500 sf. in one piece and with the use of the intermediate joining rails can easily cover 1000’s of sf. of ceiling surface. The total swimming pool hall can therefore be provided with a practical and functional ceiling system, with a minimum of background support, unnecessary weight, joints or disruption.

      Stretch Ceilings can accommodate most types of fittings and fixtures such as down lighters, grilles, sprinklers, smoke detectors and even for an added dimension fiber optic lighting can be applied to the system whilst keeping the water impermeable surface intact.


- Impermeable to moisture

                 - The material is fire rated class A (I)

- Excellent light reflection

      - Panel sizes up to 50 sf.

- Complete vapor barrier 

- Suitable for use in steam room applications

- Create shapes & forms 

- Excellent acoustic properties

- Lightweight 

- Available in a vast array of colors and finishes

- Maintenance Free 

- Lights, grilles and other items can be accommodated

- Recyclable 

- Resistant to corrosive elements in pool atmospheres

- 10 Year Guarantee 

- Pre-finished and quick to install


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