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S T R E T C H   C E I L I N G   T H A I L A N D             STCeiling®
Retail Ceilings

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        Stretch Ceilings offers huge potential for commercial applications, with our superb range of colors and ability to form shapes. Stretch Ceilings allows you to create exceptional feature ceilings as well as conventional flat designs. The material is available in over 100 different colors & finishes including Translucent, Glossy, Satin, Matt, Metallic and perforated.
       The Translucent material is ideal for back lighting as well as front and rear projection. Any type of light fitting can be used behind the translucent panels with the material transmitting approximately 75% of light.

        The Glossy finish offers a reflective and highly polished appearance and can create a greater feeling of space and the illusion of height.

        Alternatively, the Satin and Matt materials can be used to give the appearance of a smooth and flawless traditional surface. The Metallic materials can be used as an alternative textured finish. In addition, the Stretch Ceiling material is also available in perforated styles, which were originally developed for air diffusion and acoustic transparency.

        Custom made monolithic panels in any shape and size up to 500 sqm. in a single panel gives you almost unlimited freedom in design. Larger areas are simply accommodated using the semi concealed joining tracks. The system can be installed to within approx 1 inch of the existing soffit or ceiling making it possible to refurbish without the removal of original ceilings and associated mess, time & cost. Extended cleaning and maintenance intervals can be achieved with the use of Stretch Ceiling material and due to the products extraordinary acoustic properties the material can be used to assist with the retail units acoustic requirements.


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